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Kino Flo packs a lot of soft light into its new blade-thin Barfly’s. The brighter, smaller, lighter Barfly’s deliver more lumens per square inch than any other full-spectrum fluorescent source on the market. The new Barfly’s are
compact and controllable lighting sources that can squeeze into tigh spots for difficult shots on location or in the studio. Kino Flo’s new True Match® Quad lamp technology combined with energy efficient remote electronics guarantee versatility and portability. The BarFly family is most at home on location and studio sets for television and feature film production, but many in the
electronic field production and ENG community have discovered it for a small, two point or three point lighting kit to complement such popular location lighting instruments as the Kino Flo Diva-Lites. TLZ is the authorized Houston dealer for Kino Flo and offer Houston’s widest assortment of the Kino Flo products. We offer 4’ 4 and 8 banks, Car kits, Diva and other specialty lights for sale and rent. Call for pricing.

2 Light Kit $100.00 a Day