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Houston, Texas 77023 TLZ Houston Dedo Kit

TLZ is proud to add Dedo to its rental inventory. The Dedo light boasts
incredible range and efficiency thanks to their unique optical design. The Dedo light comes in either a 100w / 3 light kit or the more versatile 150w / 4 light kit that we choose. A 150 watt unit in the flood position, has a light output greater than a 450 watt studio fresnel. In the spot position, its output equals or exceeds a 1,500 watt fresnel. These units deliver a precise punch with a small fixture.

Dedo kits find favor with the smallest documentaries to the largest feature films. Size amp draw output built in dimmers and the fact they are cool enough to manipulate without the need of gloves, makes them every DP’s best friend.

4 Light Kit $175.00 a Day